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Bijuverse Thoughts + Cast Questions

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 7:08 PM
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Wanted to make a journal doing some talking about my verse (Brainstorming or vague ideas mostly) and open it up to ideas/suggestions/headcanons/general impressions from all my lovely watchers out there. So, onto that.

First off, I'm contemplating moving Gamma Ray, the devious and malicious daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst, from my alt AU to be the main villain in my canon verse.
Mane Cast NG AU Kids (Update) by BijutsuYoukai

There are quite a few ponies that have potential to be a villain in my verse, as follows:

    • Prince Pupa


      Black Lotus (Nightmare Mode Only)

      Diamond Dust

The fact is though, Pupa isn't a villain, he bullies because internally he is very hurt and mixed up. Once he finally comes to grips with the guilt and pain, Pupa will likely still be cynical and bitter, but not feel the need to berate others anymore to assuage his hurt. Harmony also has villain potential, given her extreme distrust of many others. However, her potential for destruction is limited by support for Spike and Rarity's son Allusion, Harmony's best friend and crush. Black Lotus so far has the most potential, since when overwhelmed by her negative feelings she enters her aggressive Nightmare Mode. A truly cataclysmic event from her, however, would involve her sister Morning Glory failing to stop her though, which is Glory's duty as her sister. Diamond Dust is... well, Diamond isn't evil, she's just a bitch.

Gamma Ray, as I've mentioned before, is a rather malicious pony. Bereft of most meaningful socialization or friends, epically powerful magic, and the means to manipulate it to a hair's breadth, Gamma Ray has great means for being a villain who only wishes to see pain in others around her. She wouldn't be fueled by revenge, since nopony has ever actually wronged her, just she's never known kindness outside of her own parents. Bringing her into my verse would multiply this and actually take away most kindness done to her. In my canon universe, Sunburst is married to Princess Twilight Sparkle, as well as being Dawn Reflection's father. While I could have Sunburst have left Twilight for Starlight, I feel it'd be more likely to have happened the other way around. Seeing past the nostalgia and puppy love caused by it. Sunburst would have left Starlight and their magically haywire daughter to be with Twilight.

Scorned by a second rejection from her dearest childhood friend and feeling deeply betrayed by Twilight for having 'stolen' Sunburst, the friendship lessons Starlight took in would all slip away, consumed by her jealousy and allegded betrayal. Twilight Sparkle has stopped her before, however, so straight out vengeance wouldn't be an option. Instead Starlight turns her frustrations and lust for revenge to her already fairly emotionally screwed up daughter and trains her for the purpose of her revenge. Gamma Ray surpasses even Starlight's wildest dreams of power, however, the blood of two very strongly magically gifted unicorns flowing in her veins, and breaks away from her mother's control. Head filled with dissonance against friendship and zero apathy, Gamma Ray sets her sights on all of Equestria, looking forward to see it's citizens crumbling beneath her power.

So there, that's my setup for Gamma Ray in my canonverse. The other question is determining her 'foil', so to speak. Dawn seems a prime choice for this, being an alicorn princess and a spirit of acceptance, but it's still undecided overall.

Second order of business, I would like to hear ideas for whom you all think Sucker Punch's mother/father actually is. I had thoughts about it potentially being Nurse Redheart, with his blue eyes and white coat, but it just doesn't fit I don't think. I can't see Redheart willfully abandoning her own foal, even with his own father. Someone suggested Thunderlane, though I'm sure Spitfire would've tanned his hide twice over for the indignation of not knowing Thunder had another child.

Third on my list, I keep telling myself I have completed my cast of characters... but then a little voice inside my head starts whispering to me 'But what about this? Or that? Or them?' For example, multiple of my nextgens began as random OCs I scribbled while at work (Whipped Dream, Sugar Pop, Sucker Punch). Wing Rush is another possible pony I might convert to a nextgen. She'd be another daughter of Twilights, though I'm not sure it'd be Sunburst's, given Wing Rush is a pegasus pony. Then there's always the ships that just randomly hit me like a punch in the face and I'm off again making another. How do other verse creators out there control this impulse? How many characters compose your universe? How do you manage to keep all the characters balanced as far as personality and spotlights goes? So many different questions regarding that.

Final thing to touch on (For now), is my poll of late. At the time of writing this journal, three options stand tied. I'd love it if any who haven't voted yet would go and do so, whether to break the tie or add a different suggestion/what have you.

At that, I leave you with the link to my nextgenverse folder, that you might offer suggestions/etc or ask questions about my various characters.…

What Should the Theme Be for My Batch of Adopts? 

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Journal History


Torrent of Emotions
Black Lotus stormed into her darkened room with a huff, slamming the door behind her angrily. The unicorn grit her fangs, muzzle curling in a mixture of anger and the attempt to hold back tears. "Why must they act so!?" She shouted. "Why can't they just s-see me for m-me.." Lotus' tone and fury seemed to stutter and subside as she tried to stifle sobs.

She could feel her throat seizing, a lump climbing higher, feel the tears burning in her eyes. Near shaking with the force of the emotions swirling tumultously inside her heart. She was otherwise still for a moment, silent. Suddenly she tossed her head, miasma-like mane whipping around her and screamed into the darkness. She stamped her hoof with force, the marble floor beneath it splitting into a small web of cracks and the tears burst from their damn, slipping down over her cheeks and joining the crack on the floor. She could feel a darkness simmering to the surface along with the tears, a sinister whispering at the back of her mind and darkening her consciousness. Until with another series of choked sobs and shouts, she felt herself slip away.

The sobbing ceased, replaced but a low, rumble, a mix between a growl and a manic laugh. The mare that lifted her head showed no sign of the heartwrenching loneliness and sadness that plagued Black Lotus, instead catlike pupils over ice blue peered out into the shadows, full of malice and hatred. From the darkest depth of her emotions was Feral Lotus born, seeking nothing but pain and destruction to soothe some aching hole she couldn't even realize existed with her true consciousness sleeping.


So, as mentioned before, Black Lotus enters a 'Nightmare Mode' when overcome by her more negative emotions, which I'm from now on referring to as 'Feral Lotus'. In this form (as stated before also) her eyes turn an icy, lighter blue, her pupils become vertical slits, and her sclera become black. Her mane becomes more like dark flame than smooth, flowy smokey tendrils and her already predatory appearing fangs become much more elongated and pronounced. Her magic changes from a gentle, soothing blue to a more dark and aggressively shaped purple.

It wasn't really a problem for Lotus when she was younger, when her childlike mentality provided a barrier between her true self and Feral Lotus. Feral Lotus is very powerful, fueled by her alicorn blood, as well as that of her powerful unicorn father, and even Luna has trouble subduing. However, this is less likely due to power and more to the fact that the sight of Feral Lotus seems to set Luna into wide-eyed fits, as if forcefully thrusting into her memories of her time as Nightmare Moon and her torment from the Tantabus. The only pony who really has the ability to prevent Feral Lotus from wrecking absolute chaos is her ineloquent half-sister and cousin Morning Glory. Whether Glory's magic neutralizes the dark magic or the simple bond between the two soothes Lotus or something else entirely is unknown. Therefore, whenever Black Lotus' emotions boil over, it's Morning Glory's duty to get her under control.

Characters Pictured
Black Lotus by BijutsuYoukai

Someday They'll Realize by BijutsuYoukai Temper Tantrum by BijutsuYoukai
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Art & Character (C) 2017 :iconbijutsuyoukai:
Love Conquers All (S7 SPOILERS)

As the title suggests, the below contains spoilers regarding the latest season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, episode 13 "Perfect Pear" in particular. If spoilers bother you, please do not read any further.


. .

. . .

. . . .

. . . . .

So, I watched Perfect Pear today, after realizing it had been realized, and boy did I tear up a lot. The episode was both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. It was really neat to get to see the Apple sibling trio's parents and their love story. While very Romeo and Juliet-esque, it was still sweet. Getting to see new ponies like Burnt Oak and the younger versions of the former and older ponies like Mare Mayor and Mrs.Cake was super cool (Burnt Oak MAY or MAY NOT have triggered my NG creation needs, not totally sure yet). I also very much enjoyed that Grand Pear's name is a bit of a pun, given that 'Grand-pere' is the French word for Grandfather, as far I know (Meaning Applebloom is technically asking if she can call him Grandfather/Grandpa Pear).

Had to draw the two lovers together, as I enjoy both of their designs as well. It does concern me a little the similarities Pear Butter has to Pinkie Pie as far as chipper personality and floofy hair (Given Pinkie implies the families are related far off) but I'm just going to chalk it up to chance, as the Pies and Apples being THAT closely related would spell really bad news for my MarbleMac ship (Even if MLP was the instigator for that).


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Art (C) 2017 :iconbijutsuyoukai:
Characters (C) 2017 Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Peace At Sunrise
Just a simple thing featuring my FlutterCord daughter, Harmony, reflecting on the silence and peace in the hills surrounding ponyville as the sun rises. There's just something soothing for body and mind about the stillness as dawn breaks, when the light is grey and pale yellows and blues. The majority of the world is yet sleeping fast, only the gentle, musical chatter of songbirds drifting across. Harmony does really enjoy this quiet world state and a good sunrise watching can put her chaotic, troubled heart at ease. Someday she'll bring Allusion up to the hills that have the best views and share the peaceful sunrise with him.

It was fun experimenting with the dark and light contrast, as well as working with a silhouette, trying to define a character despite using only solid shadows tinted with the soft light.


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Characters Pictured
Harmony, Distrustful Draconequus by BijutsuYoukai

Allusion by BijutsuYoukai Always There by BijutsuYoukai Frown Upside Down by BijutsuYoukai

Art & Character (C) 2017 :iconbijutsuyoukai:
Ref: Spring Loaded
Spring Loaded

Species: Afro Cat
Gender: Female

Afro Cat Genome/Breed Details

Body: Standard
Eyes: Standard (No Pupils)
Ears: Serval
Cheek: Vulpine
Tail: Standard
Hairstyle: Standard
Body Afro: Extra floofy Sweater with Lion Effect

Personality & Character
Spritely and enthusiastic, Spring is a gardening fanatic and spends many of her waking hours tending to her menagerie of various herbs and flowers. Her favorite are her lotus flowers, though bleeding hearts are a close second. She likes to decorate her afro throughout with various flowers picked from her garden and often keeps her trust gardening trowel and shears on her via a handy belt pouch. She often smells of various mixes of flowers, due to her habit of crushing up and rolling in the petals of flowers near the end of their lifespans.

Drawing Details

When drawing Spring Loaded, here are some details to keep in mind that the reference above might not suggest.

O Wears the gardening belt slung around her waist with the trowel and shears situated handle down.
O Afro may be decorated with any kind of flowers, except a lotus of any color must be situated on the beginning of the tail.
O Claws match dark fur spots in color.
O Front right footpads match the lightest cream color of the spots (This is not a color mistake, not all of the paw pads are pink).


Spring Loaded was originally adopted from :iconchocolatequill: and is part of a closed species known as Afro Cats.
AFRO CAT Common Adopts [Open] by ChocolateQuill

Art & Character (C) 2017 :iconbijutsuyoukai:
Design (C) 2017 :iconchocolatequill:
Afro Cat Rules & Information :iconafrocatsociety:
AC: Spring Loaded
Quick, messy work of my newly adopted Afro Cat from :iconchocolate-quill:.
AFRO CAT Common Adopts [Open] by ChocolateQuill

Assuming the titles were just themes and not names, I believe I'm going to call this stellar looking kitty cat Spring Loaded. As from her bio in the adopt page, he enjoys gardening very much, managing a rather wide expanse of different herbs and flowers. Will detail more later when I make an actual proper drawing for this lovely.


Art (C) 2017 :iconbijutsuyoukai:
Design (C) 2017 :iconchocolate-quill:


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