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Blackjack by BijutsuYoukai
Name: Blackjack

Gender: Female

Parents: Applejack & Troubleshoes

Species: Earth Pony

Nicknames: BJ, Jackie, Butterhooves

Friends: Pippin, Fluffennutter, Dandy

Enemies: Silver Tongue, Hot Streak

Talent: Luck

Cutiemark: Spade inside a four-leaf clover

Daughter of Applejack and Troubleshoes, Blackjack is quite a strong pony, though it does her little good. Self-proclaimed the 'luckiest pony in Equestria', Blackjack's talent is indeed being lucky. Unfortunately the mare really needs that luck as she is quite clumsy and underestimates her own strength, which has earned her the nickname 'Butterhooves'. She's prone to stumbling, dropping things, knocking stuff over, the like, though never seems to get hurt or actually break things. She's often found in the company of her cousin Pippin and often cheers up the other pony when she's feeling down, via pulling funny face or just being downright silly. Strangely, her clumsiness gets her along well with Dandy, whom other than at her lack of grace, rarely laughs or jokes. Fluffennutter and Blackjack make a strange combination, often causing trouble - unintentionally - to somehow get out harm free and rather confused.

She can't stand how stallion Silver Tongue talks around things, while disliking Hot Streak for his - in her opinion - massive ego.
Morning Glory by BijutsuYoukai
Morning Glory
Name: (Princess) Morning Glory

Parents: Celestia & (Good King) Sombra

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Talent: Blooming (flowers, as well as fruits/vegetables from harvests)

Cutiemark: Blue-purple stylized morning glory flower

Friends: Harmony, Opalescent Aegis, Radiance

Enemies: Pupa, Lua, Fever Dream

Born of the forbidden love between Princess Celestia and the Sombra from the alternate world (one shown in the comics where the villains are basically good and the good become the bad guys), Morning Glory is a polite and confident young mare. While not nearly as magical as an alicorn, her magics still aren't to be trifled with - though not exactly highly tuned/controlled either. Lacking the power to assist in something so much as raising the sun or stars, Morning Glory instead assists seasonally at the times when flowers are blossoming or when harvests are beginning to come into being. With such a purpose, she often finds herself very bored during the fall and winter months when there is very little blooming or nurturing for her to do.

Boredom is a terrible thing for most creatures and Morning Glory is no exception. Prone to magical experimentation on plants, she might spend days stubbornly locked away in her room or a castle tower, with hardly anyone to see her, something that often worries her friends and family, despite how often it happens. Otherwise when unoccupied, the unicorn tends to feel rather helpless and often then needs the cheer of the company of her friends, often becoming pouty and childish if they don't have immediate time for her.

MLP (C) Lauren Faust

Art & Character (C) 2016 McKinsey A. Y. Cox (AKA, BijutsuYoukai)
MLP NG Sketch Batch by BijutsuYoukai
MLP NG Sketch Batch
A couple sketches of some of my Next Gen MLP ponies. As marked from top to bottom:

1) Blackjack: Daughter of Applejack & Troubleshoes. Self-proclaimed luckiest pony.

2) (Prince) Pupa: Son of Chrysalis and Shining Armor from the time when Chrysalis was disguised as Cadence. Adopted from Chrysalis and raised alongside ponies to lessen threat likelihood.

3) Fluffennutter: First born son of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. His special talent is sticky situations - both getting out of them and getting others into them.

4) Pippin: Daughter of Big Mac and Marble Pie. Her talent is positivity and seeing the brightside - similar-ish to Cheerilee I suppose. She often has inner turmoil when she feels she can't keep up her positivity.

MLP:FIM (C) Lauren Faust

Character & Art (C) 2016 McKinsey A. Y. Cox (AKA, BijutsuYoukai)
Personal Space by BijutsuYoukai
Personal Space
Allusion: Hmm *Stands with a claw on his chin*

Harmony: *deadpan* Ally, why are you staring at me?

Allusion: *Steps forwards and horns glow* I was just thinking how you'd look much prettier with your mane off BOTH sides of your face.

Harmony: H-hey, w-what are you doing?!

Allusion: Proving I'm right *Moves aside Harmony's mane with magic and touches her shoulder.

Harmony: *Red-faced*

Allusion: You really should try wearing it like this. You KNOW I know what looks good.

Harmony: C-could you at least a-ask next time before you do that stuff?

Allusion: Nope. *Chuckles*


EDIT: Added a little vignette for the scene.

Allusion's not exactly mindful on other ponys' personal space and if he sees something he has to change or make something look better, he's going to go and do it - whether or not that person or thing is comfortable with it. Allusion thinks his friend Harmony would look better without all that mane in her face, but she's a little less than comfortable with someone elese's magic - not to mention having Allusion right up in her face.

MLPFIM (C) Lauren Faust
Characters & Art (C) 2016 McKinsey A. Y. Cox (AKA, BijutsuYoukai)    
Allusion by BijutsuYoukai
Name: Allusion

Parents: Rarity x Spike

Species: Dracony

Friends: Harmony, Silver Tongue

Enemies: Hot Streak, Dandy

First born son of Rarity and Spike, Allusion is a rose of a dracony, thorns and all. While beautiful and graceful, he is brutally honest and prone to back-handed compliments. He enjoys prettying things up, but this is connected to a streak of vanity. Despite his pettiness, Allusion is always willing to help a friend and is keen at seeing the inner beauty of things when it really comes down to it - even if they'd be seen as ugly on the outside.

Also, I do mean ALLUSION, not ILLUSION. They are two completely different things.

(More headcanon to come)

MLP FIM (C) Lauren Faust
Allusion (C) 2016 McKinsey A. Y. Cox (AKA, BijutsuYoukai)
  • Listening to: Wind ona video game
  • Reading: Text on the computer
  • Watching: The computer screen
  • Playing: On the computer
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Thought I'd post this here for any curious, as well as a kind of quick checklist for myself. As far as MLP, this is what I ship. Some are admittedly crack-y and not all have super awesome headcanons behind them quite yet. For now this'll be brief and I'll expand it with headcanons. Just pairings and sketches of kids I've done for them. This'll also include their canon kids if they have them.

Twilight x Brahma (An owl/tiger themed griffin who greedily guarded the remaining knowledge of Griffinstone originally): Sarasvati
Applejack x Troubleshoes (TroubleJack): Blackjack (F)
Rainbow Dash x Soarin (SoarinDash): Spectrum Flash (M)
Rarity x Spike (Sparity): Allusion (M) & Radiance (F)
Fluttershy x Discord (Fluttercord): Harmony (F)
Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich (CheesePie): Fluffennutter (M) & Au Jus (F)
Big Mac x Marble Pie (MarbleMac): Pippin (F)
Shining Armor x Princess Cadenza Mi Amora (Shining Dance): Skyla (F), Opalescent Aegis (M), & (Recent spoiler addition) Flurry Heart (F)
Shining Armor x QUeen Chrysalis (Accident): Prince Pupa (M)
Fancy Pants x Fleur de Lis (FancyFleur): Silver Tongue (M) (Equestria Treasury Head)
Princess Celestia x Good King Sombra (Somlestia): Princess Morning Glory (F)
(Cursed) Sombra x Nightmare Moon (Crack-ish)(Cursed Moon): Princess Lua (F)
Mr & Mrs.Cakes (The Cakes): Pound Cake (M), Pumpkin Cake (F), Carrot Cake (M), Petite Gateaux (F)
Cranky Doodle x Matilda: Dandy (M)
Thunderlane x Spitfire (ThunderFire): Hot Streak (M)


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