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Journal History


Taking commissions currently. While I mainly do equine characters (MLP, Nightmares, etc), I am willing to do canines, felines, deer, dragons, anthros, taurs, and more.

Things I Won't Do
Extreme Gore (Bit of blood/etc is fine)
O Fetishes
O Moderate & Above NSFW
O Cars & Trucks

These will be done through paypal only. If you are interested in commissioning me, you may send me a note here on deviantart or an email over at, telling me what you are looking for (Commission type, commission subject, etc, as well as references or descriptions of the subjects of the commission.

Sketch (No Color) - $2.50
+ $1 per additional character
Opposite Elements by BijutsuYoukai Lion Sketches (Practice for Rustiness) by BijutsuYoukai Wolf Sketch practice by BijutsuYoukai Shetani Levitation by BijutsuYoukai

Headshot/Bust (Shading Included) - $5
+ $2 per additional character
+ $1 for simple background
Favorite Next Gens by BijutsuYoukaiMane 6 Omniship Project Part 2 by BijutsuYoukaiScolding Kiss by BijutsuYoukaiFrown Upside Down by BijutsuYoukai

Full Body (Flat Color) - $7.50

+ $3.50 per additional character
+ $3.50 for simple background
Custom: Morning Rays by BijutsuYoukaiCustom: Crescendo by BijutsuYoukaiCustom: Benevolence by BijutsuYoukaiCustom: Terminal Velocity by BijutsuYoukaiCommission: Eternal by BijutsuYoukai

Full Body (Shaded, Cell or Gradient) - $10
+ $5 per additional character
+ $5 for background
Temper Tantrum by BijutsuYoukaiDouble Surprise by BijutsuYoukaiDisdain And Encouragement by BijutsuYoukaiCommission: Coffee Date by BijutsuYoukaiNight Serpent (LunaCord Commission) by BijutsuYoukai

Reference Sheet* - $20
+ $5 for pets/critters/small sidekick ponies
Muse by BijutsuYoukaiSnow Cap + Sunset Drift by BijutsuYoukaiDawn Reflection by BijutsuYoukaiTalon by BijutsuYoukaiAllusion by BijutsuYoukai

*Reference sheets can include front, back, and side views + Headshot + cutiemark/accessories, color palette, etc requested.
Sucker Punch, Barehoof Brawler
"You'll never see it coming."


Sucker Punch

Parents: Bulk Biceps & ?????
Siblings: N/A
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Cutiemark: Boxing glove with a 'force' swoosh
Special talent: Boxing and wrestling
Occupation: Bare-hoof boxer
Nickname(s): Sucker, Punchi


Tenacious and loud, Sucker Punch is an imposing pony at first glance, especially given his career involves beating the snot out of other ponies. Despite this, Sucker actually isn't very assertive or threatening when it comes down to it and views his line of work as just that - work. Outside of work and unprovoked, Sucker Punch wouldn't hurt a fly - at least not on purpose. Agile and menacing in the ring or cage, Sucker Punch becomes quite clumsy when he loses his focus and his small wings - one of his many obvious resemblences to his father - offer little help balancing him out.  

When not at work, Sucker does enjoy a spar or two or reading up on the latest martial arts and wrestling tends or techniques. Though Sucker seems a natural at physical arts, he is quite a kinetic learner and words and diagrams in a book only get him so far in his learning. Sucker often coaxes his father into helping him with the motions, though Bulk is even less sure-footed then his son.

One would think having grown up without his other parent would affect Sucker Punch adversely, but having only known them when he was quite young, Sucker deals with the lack of quite well, declaring that his 'Poppa' is more than enough for him. Sucker Punch can only vaguely remember his other parent anyways, not even a name coming to mind. While he wouldn't mind reuniting with his missing parent, if it never happened, life would still go on just as well for Sucker Punch.


Sucker Punch was left on Bulk Bicep's doorstep as a young colt and taken in, as there was little denying the likeness. Bulk is aware of Sucker Punch's other parent, but thus far, refuses to talk about it when questioned.

O Sucker Punch is often covered in bruises and scrapes, whether from practice scraps or simply tripping over his own large hooves.

O Like his father, Sucker Punch struggles to fly, inheriting Bulk's smaller wings.
Float On
Commission for FaeDeeDraws of their awesome ZeCord kid, Shetani. She's the villainess of their verse and gorgeous if you ask me. I had a lot of freedom with this commission, so it was very refreshing. Is she relaxing via levitation? Lying on a magicked platform invisible to the eye? You never can tell with Discord's chaos-spawn.


Want to get a commission for yourself? Check out my most recent commission prices:


Art (C) 2017 :iconbijutsuyoukai:

Characters (C) :iconfaedeedraws:
Frostbite, Bond of Nations
"Actions speak louder than words, but it doesn't mean words aren't important, too."



Parents: Flurry Heart & Ember
Siblings: N/A
Species: Alicorn Dracony
Gender: Male
Cutiemark: Three ice spears surround by a frost/fog cloud
Special talent: Calming angry/over emotional ponies/etc
Occupation: Dragonlands Peacekeeper
Nickname(s): Frozen, Nip


Frostbite while in the current stage is but an infant, will grow into a surprisingly serene and quiet hybrid, representing a living bond between the Dragonlands and the Crystal Empire. His peacefulness is infections and his presence combined with his soft, low tones combine to soothe all but the most savage anger or distraught heart. He trots about with an almost practiced ease and almost never seems rushed by anything. It's only under the most extreme stress or with just himself or his mother that any anxiety, fear, or unrest really shows in Frostbite. While she sometimes wishes she had a bolder child, Frostbite's dragon mother respects his ability to remain stoic and help solves so many problems and crises where emotions run high.

When Frostbite comes of age he'll be expected to join in the competition for Dragonlord, but will also act to foster peace between the Dragonlands and the Crystal Empire regardless of what other positions he may take.

Frostbite's 'flame' is supercold, to the point where the cold feels as if it burns and can cause the frostbite of organic flesh touched by it. In addition he also has a moderate command of ice magic.
O Hot climates diminish his magic and overall abilities, but despite this do not make Frostbite uncomfortable. Due to this he is less of a 'threat' in the Dragonlands.
Holy crap, Daybreaker is amazing. Thank you MLP.
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  • Reading: A Cursed Gift
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: ARK Survival Evolved
  • Eating: Teriyaki Pork
  • Drinking: Dr.Dynamite
Current work queue update. Will continue to update this journal in the future for any of those curious what I am currently working on and what I am open or closed for.


Commissions: OPEN
Art Trades: OPEN
Requests: CLOSED

Work Queue

1. Headshot/Bust Commission for :iconfeatherframe:: OCs; 2 characters ($5 + $2)
2. Fullbody Shaded Commissiom for :iconfaedeedraws: Shetani; 1 character ($10) COMPLETE

Art Trade Slots

1. :iconaxnus015: COMPLETE

NextGen! Reference Status 29/36 DONE

Apple Tango
Au Jus
Black Lotus
C'est La Vie
Cherry Apple
Dawn Reflection
Diamond Dust
Diamond Rough
Drop Beat
Fever Dream
Flurry Heart
Fox Trot
Grand Finale
Morning Glory
Prism Blazer
Shimmering Aegis
Sunset Drift

Coming Soon

Sucker Punch
Sugar Pop
Whipped Dream


McKinsey Cox
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